Friday, 25 December 2009

So this is Christmas

It's nearly gone already - isn't that so terrifying! Such a huge build up and yet, I struggle to remember a Christmas that ever lived up to the hype. Don't get me wrong, each Christmas has always been excellent, but when the day is over there always seems to be a surreal feeling as if to say "was that it?".

We are just back from dinner at the in-laws. Oh what fun =) I love the fact that I get on well with Nic's parents. I love the fact that they are just such honest people that I'm no longer hidden from the Miller family craziness =)

This year will be one to remember for a long time. It started off innocently enough, with the opening of presents, the repeated cry of "oh, they shouldn't have" and giggling at Keira (their Jack Russell) as she tore into her presents, destroying the contents within seconds. And then there was dinner.

I don't know if was the wine, or perhaps the excitement of a long day but Bronwen decided to tell me I looked like "a ninja. A ninja turtle. Leonardo turtle". It seems wearing the paper crown out of the cracker brought on a new dimension of my personality. I have quietly folded the crown away in case I ever do need to look like a ninja.

Next Keria, who had been hopping all over the place due to all the food around, precedeed to consume 8 mini sausages.. which were unfortunatley brought back up. Now, I can't do sick. It really turns me something terrible. You can imagine my horror as the dog insisted on sharing with us continually... on the floor, on the carpet.. eww.. I can barely even think about it.

In all the fuss that followed, Bronwen decided to try out her new phone Jim bought her for Christmas. In sending a "happy Christmas" text to one individual, we later discovered she had sent it to everyone in her phone book. So, Nic, Vic, me, her bingo buddies. But it didnt stop there, she had also sent a happy Christmas message (complete with kisses) to the police, her dentist, Jim's boss, the Vet and the local chinese takeaway. Some things you cannot make up.

We finished the night with some friendly Mario Kart on the Wii. Well, it was meant to be friendly but Brownen has such a competative side to her that things soon turned ugly. Such language I have never heard. Even Father Jack himself would have blushed. The dog ran to her bed, tail between her legs. I think the rest of us wanted to do the same =)

So ended another great Christmas memory - these things may never live up to the hype but there is no way I would ever want to do without them. I love Christmas =)

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