Friday, 23 April 2010

It's been a while!

I can't believe I haven't wrote anything since we've arrived. It is even harder to believe we've been here for nearly 6 weeks! How time has flown, and yet it feels like an age since we left home.

We left our city apartment and moved into our current one three weeks ago. I say "we" but it was only Nicola who moved in. I was sent up to work in Brisbane for two and a bit weeks - which is a story in itself. Poor Nic had to endure a strange environment, with no home comforts other than a bed and a couch. I really feel for her, I don't know how she managed to stick it out. I would have really struggled.

Our apartment is... well... I am trying to adjust to it =) It is always warm, and even though it is a one-bedroom place, it stills feels rather empty. We are in a great place, surrounded by everything we need (I've counted two bakers, two cake shops and a cheesecake shop already). It is pretty good for getting into the city centre too. We do, however, have an interesting neighbour who insists on sharing his music with us every so often.

Nicola is enjoying her work, even though she finds things a little backward. She says the people are very friendly and is currently working her first night shift since she started. Which means I'm home alone, aww =) It still feels about 20C outside, so if I was brave I'd go exploring. But I did say "if".

I got back from Brisbane a few days ago. It IS an experience I won't easily forget. I met some great people, did quite a bit of work, had many a squeaky-bum time but... ah, I can't believe I was away from Nic that long. It is the longest time we've spent apart since we've dated. That's over 10 years! It was great, but I don't think I'd be too keen on spending so long away again.

We are really looking forward to the next few months, now that we have most things settled. Personally I'm looking forward to the cooler weather =) I'm going to attempt my first outdoor jog since I arrived tomorrow so I hope the sun isn't out too early in the morning! It is hard not to make snap decisions on what our long-term future is. Its far to easy to be tempted by home. We're really looking forward to 6 months down the line so we have a clearer idea of what we want from this move. Until then, its good to enjoy what we have, and enjoy this wee adventure for what it is =)