Friday, 11 December 2009

Its Friday!

I'm so happy it is the weekend =) It was nice to be able to get home a few hours early from work, but it is even better that Nic is also off this weekend. Time is just passing too fast! We were both in bed before 9.30pm last night, its been that kind of week! Work has been hard at times, and we have hardly any time once we both got home. Poor us =(

The chances of going abroad to work took a little bit of a nose dive. Politics I'm sure! Still, I'm happy either way. Adventures in a foreign land, or a month more with my fabulous lady - its a hard choice =)

I found out today that Karen and Stephen first got together 13yrs ago this day. Its so funny to think that. I can still remember them standing together in the line outside the History dept at school, waiting for Mr Young and Mr Wright to open the doors. Random memory, but its funny to think of it now =) I hereby declare myself to be their oldest and dearest friend bar none. No, not even Jennifer can compare =)

I'm looking forward to this weekend, and I'm planning to hold on to every minute of it for as long as possible! Minute is a funny word, isn't it?

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