Thursday, 17 December 2009


Well, as it turns out I am not going to be working abroad in January. I'm not quite sure whether to be feel sad or happy about that =) More time at home before March vs a month long adventure, out in the big bad world by myself! I'm glad I didn't have the final say =)

Its getting so agonisingly close to Christmas - its so unfair I have to work all the way up to the 24th, hehe. It will be my first Christmas off where I haven't go uni work, or indeed any work, to do over the festive period. It is going to be a weird feeling to sit on the couch, knowing I have nothing pressing on me. Ah.. I've dreamed of that moment for so long... =)

We had a bit of a sugar overload within my team at work yesterday. It might have something to do with the two packs of Haribo I took in, or the chocolate cookies and MnMs that have been floating about. Or maybe we all just really like Christmas! Still, it really can't come quick enough - I really hope is snows!

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