Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas in the sun!

So we approach our first Christmas away from home. Its an interesting feeling, and its hard to feel festive when its 26C outside and wearing a santa hat is a health hazzard. Walking through the shops, listening to Christmas music makes me feel dizzy - I don't think this part of the world has ever seen snow =)

But still, we'll do our best! Nicola is working on Christmas day so we're planning to have our Christmas day on Boxing day. Make sense? Most of our friends are heading home for Christmas, so it might get a bit lonely. In fact, we've got a few friends heading home for good so its a little bleak - but hey, making new friends is always fun =)

We've both got rather special works nights out planned - with Nicola's being a black tie dinner down at Circular Quay. My work is whisking is off somewhere secret, and I have no idea where. Mystery!

And now, its less than 6 months before we return home for a holiday - time is flying by, and I hope it continues that way - err but I still want to enjoy every moment here. I should probably add that =) I'm away to search for a Christmas tree amonst the BBQs and sun lotion.

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